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    Hierachy Rule to places systems in multiple domains in BCO workspace

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      Hello BCO communities!


      I am working on Perceiver replacement view in BCO. The view consists of a system filter, time filter + various system analysis portlets.


      To 'feed' the system filter in the view, I have created some new 'perceiver view' subdomains in the workspace. We have lots domains in the workspace which we internally refer to as 'data domains' which are tied to an ETL - ie the ETL runs, and places the systems into a data domain in the workspace. This domain structure is not ideal for a Perceiver style view where I need to group servers by service, or platform, function. So, from within the workspace, I basically select the entity in the data domain, edit it, and select share. I then navigate down to my 'perceiver view' subdomains and add a shared system - thus I have my system in the data domain, and Perceiver domain.


      This process is extremely manual - I was thinking of creating some new hierarchy rules to automate this, or change existing rules so the systems are placed in multiple locations in the workspace.


      This might not be the correct or best way of doing this - has anyone else come across this before and come up with a solution?


      We are on BCO 9.5.02, shortly upgrading to 10.3.


      Best regards,