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    Does TrackIT support SQL Clustering?

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      We are running Track-IT version 11.4 where the SQL database is clustered using SQL Server 2012. When testing failover between the two nodes, it looks like we have to run the DBfix as outlined here:




      For example, if the TrackIT DB is on SQL1 node and we failover to SQL2 node we have to run the DBfix before the application works.  When we fail back to SQL1 from SQL2 we have to run the DBfix again.  Each time we tested failing over we have to do this.  Is this normal for this product to manually run this DBfix each time?  


      Here is the error we get when attempting to open the Technician Client after failing over:



      None of the following resolution options in the corresponding KB article for this error worked:





      Has anyone else had any issues with SQL Clustering/High Availability with TrackIT?  Are you able to switch between nodes without issue?  Any insight anyone can give is very much appreciated.