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    Communities: Don't hide our ideas

    Daric Smith

      I am now realizing that ideas that I created a while ago no longer exist in my list.  I found this out when BMC Support linked me to an idea that I didn't have permission to and he said it was hidden.


      Our ideas should never be hidden just because it didn't get enough votes.  The idea posted may not be pertinent for members at the current time but it might be down the road.


      A good example is for TrueSight ideas: There may not be many people that use TrueSight so those ideas won't get voted on.  Down the road as more people adopt it, those ideas become more relevant.


      Please unhide all of our ideas no matter how many votes they get.

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          Matt Laurenceau

          Daric, we're aware of that fact, and are working with Jim Wheeler , Steven Morgan , Miles Escow and more to revisit the process.

          Stay tuned.

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            Daric Smith

            What is the status of this?  There are ideas that I have posted that would be useful to reference in conversations and other ideas but my ideas are slowly disappearing and is a little frustrating.

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              Matt Laurenceau

              Daric, sorry I did not answer earlier, I was out of town this past week.

              But we met the week before.


              Archiving ideas (that are a bit old and not popular enough) was proposed 7 months ago to address a pain highlighted by various community members: a lot of stalled ideas, that were creating noise

              • thus preventing hot ideas to be spotted
              • and creating a fuzzy feeling of "where are we with all these ideas"


              We are currently thinking about 2 ways to fix the fundamental problem (and thus remove the perceived need to hide ideas):

              1. A specific UX that will help spot recent ideas for example
              2. A team of experts (both BMC and Customer/Partners) that will focus on reviewing recent ideas, and ideas that may be worthwhile but fell thru the net, greatly preparing the work from Product Managers (so that they engage on ideas that were already worked on by various others)


              We'll work on both items (technical and processes) in March/April. cc Kristin Baskett Patrick Campbell

              In the next 2 weeks, we'll make global platform improvements on BMC Communities that will enable item #1 (and many more Use Cases)

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                Daric Smith

                Some quick thoughts:


                1. If an idea has achieved "Product Team Review" or "On RoadMap" or any other status that indicates it is being discussed, that should be moved to a different section so we easily know what is at least being considered.  An example would be the "Top Ideas" widget.  The ideas in the top list were all created at least 2 years ago (before truesight existed).

                2. Have a Top daily, weekly, monthly idea selection (of ideas not seen by BMC Product Review).

                3. Allow us to quickly filter between Product Review and On Roadmap ideas.

                4. I think there really needs to be a breakout between the old BPPM and the new TrueSight.  It really muddles things up.


                Just spit balling here.

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                  Matt Laurenceau

                  Merci Daric!


                  We'll definitely consider #1 and #2 for improved UX to spot ideas.


                  Good news for #3, we already provide that UX: go on the content tab (of the specific Community you care about), then focus on ideas, and you can filter on the stage you want: (and filter/sort even more should you wish to)



                  For #4, let's make sure I understand your concern.

                  • my understanding ( Patrick Campbell and Kristin Baskett can correct me if I'm wrong) is that TrueSight Operation Management is the migration path for ProactiveNet. More specifically, TrueSight Infrastructure Management is the new Performance Management.
                  • the only scallable way for us to implement ideas (and communicate about these new features we provide to Customers) is to include them on the last release of the product
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                    Daric Smith

                    Can I at least see my ideas that were created?  This is really frustrating that with a brand-new product like TrueSight Ops Manager because I think "Oh, I should create an idea for that.  Wait, I swear I already created an idea for that".


                    Another problem with hiding ideas is new customers won't know that an enhancement was at least entered and could vote it up.  Why can't an idea that wasn't popular in the past become more popular as more people use the product?

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                      Matt Laurenceau

                      Kristin Baskett, April Hickel let's talk (next week?) about giving some visibility back, even on archived ideas

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                        Don Cholish

                        There is nothing preventing people from adding that same Idea again.  If it really is a good Idea, someone else will think of it and think they are the 1st person to think of it.  If nobody thinks of it in the next 6-12 months after it has been archived, it probably would not have gotten many votes anyway.  If it does get entered again a year later, it may be more accepted by people who aren't as good as forecasting their future needs as others.  Votes don't lie. (insert political joke here)

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                          Daric Smith

                          I disagree and that thought is pretty discouraging especially for someone installing a brand-new product such as TrueSight Ops Manager where there is a very small install base.


                          Why would I spend time submitting ideas that might disappear because there aren't that many people using the product?  When I first realized my ideas were disappearing I though "Well, that was a pointless effort."


                          I submit a lot of ideas and a vast majority of them aren't even ground-breaking or strange.  They are on the level of "Your car should have a rear-view mirror": Why wouldn't you add a rear-view mirror?


                          I see some ideas on the level of "It would be great if my car notified me when my rear-view mirror has a purple BMW with a license plate starting with "JPW".  That is a very specific use-case that wouldn't have a broad-impact.


                          Please note though: It isn't just my ideas.  Why would I create a new idea when someone already thought of it?  What if my vote on that year old idea was what put it over the edge for Review?

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                            Don Cholish

                            I'm sorry I don't understand your situation as I don't work on that product.  It sounds like when you enter Ideas for TrueSight Ops Manager they are buried with Ideas for another product as well?  Since that other product has more users yours have no chance at getting the right votes.  Do I have that right?  I think I have heard that about a few other products.  The product I work with doesn't have that issue as all ideas are for the same product.  You should probably talk to the product manager for your product directly to get an explanation.

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                              Daric Smith

                              Darn it, another one disappeared:


                              Hello Daric Smith
                              Your idea, TSIM Ops Console - Put all monitors for device under device tree, has been labeled as Archived. Your idea will be moved our archive forum and is available to product management for historical review.


                              This is currently the mess of the TrueSight Operations Management Category:


                              Looking at the current list of discussions and ideas on the front-page of Operations Management, I see only one actual listing for TrueSight.  Everything else is for old products.  but that will be a post for the TrueSight group.

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                                Matt Laurenceau

                                Thanks Daric Smith for the heads-up.


                                Good news: this idea (and many others from you) re-appeared.

                                You now have access to TSOM Ideas Archive

                                • read-only as long as we roll out a bigger plan to "unhide ideas"
                                • FYI, all logged-in user can now see this archive community

                                Is that a good step forward?

                                Yes, I sure want to perform the next steps in the next weeks/months (for the whole BMC Product portfolio btw) but we need your positive feedback on "unhiding step1"



                                For your other comment regarding the taxonomy, guidance from April Hickel  and Kristin Baskett is that ideas should be given at the product level (Infrastructure Mgmt, App Visibility Mgr, Middleware Mgmt), not at the suite level (TrueSight Operations Management).

                                Would you have examples where enhancements could span several products in this suite?

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                                  Daric Smith

                                  I've mode the categorization discussion here to not confuse the topics: unknown

                                  TrueSight Community: Confusing Categories


                                  An archive is a petite step in unhiding the ideas.  Beyond being confused about the technical limitation of unhiding all old ideas here are some suggestions for unhiding Step 2:


                                  1. I should still be able to see all of my ideas in My Content (and anything I have contributed) regardless of age.  Hiding my own content does not inspire participation.
                                    • If the "hidden" or "archive" tag is set for an old idea, I should be able to necro it if I deem it important.  Audiences change (as I've stated above) or audiences increase as a new product is adopted by more people.  That idea may still be valid.
                                  2. The current "archive" is very hidden: If the archive is the way you are going, it should be readily available.  If I am viewing ideas for TSIM, the "Archived Ideas" should at the very least be a drop-down.
                                  3. This is the age of big data and BMC should be reflecting their own product lines: more data is good and making data inaccessible does not fit with that road map.
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