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    Frequent Session is invalid or timed out- ARERR (9201) issues to Users.

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      Users are facing frequent session timeout issues i.e ARERR (9201) - Session is invalid or timed out in our Remedy Application. The issue is randomly occurring across all the geographies of our Organization.

      Few Details:


      > We are in ARS , ITSM 8.1 SP1 version.

          Midtier Version : 8.1.SP02 Patch 001 201511101452 Hotfix


      > We have 8 mid-tier servers and 8 application servers (server Group environment).

      > Mid-tier servers and AR Servers are both load balanced (F5 Load Balancer).

      > The Load Balancer which exists between the client and mid-tier servers (LB 1) has a Cookie based persistence with no sticky session timeout set.


      > The Load Balancer which exists between Mid-Tier Servers and AR Server (LB 2 ) has no persistence type set as per the initial recommendations.


      > From the Fiddler Logs captured from the affected Users, we found out that the LB 1 (between client and Mid-Tier Servers) switches the users to multiple Mid-Tier in very Short span and could be the reason for the session time out issue.


      > We have checked with our LB team along with our findings from the fiddler logs. Since the issue is randomly occurring and because log size going to huge size the LB team could not able to trace it from the Load Balancer side.


      > The application was running fine without this issue from past 2 years. We have also got a confirmation from load balancer team that there are no changes taken place.


      Can someone please suggest, whether the currently set configurations at Load balancer end are fine ?


      Do we need to recommend anything to Load Balancer team?


      Please help.