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    Error- 'AppInterfaceForm not specified' in Software Self Service Request

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      Hello All,


      I have installed Software Self Service 8.1 and imported the install application SRD which come with the installation. Required configuration has been done, which mentioned in Software Self Service for BMC Service Request Management Release Notes.


      When I raised the software self service request for particular software, it goes in planning mode & found error in event error as belwo



      Return Code -    Error

      Rtn Message Code - 2

      Return Message - AppInterfaceForm not specified 


      Could somone help me here to resolve this error?



      Environment Details.


      BMC BladeLogic Client Automation 8.1

      BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.5.00 (Patch 004)

      BMC Software Self Service 8.1

      BMC Remedy Developer Studio 7.5.00 (Patch 004)

      BMC Remedy User 7.5.00 (Patch 004)

      BMC Remedy Mid Tier 7.6.00 (Patch 001)

      BMC Remedy Approval Server 7.5.00 (Patch 004)

      BMC Remedy Assignment Engine 7.5.00 (Patch 004)

      BMC Atrium CMDB 7.6.00 (Patch 001)

      Product Catalog 7.6.00 (Patch 001)

      BMC Service Request Management 7.6.00 (Patch 001)