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    Integrating Work Order to Approvals

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      Hi Team,


      We are trying to implement Approvals for Work Order and below are the steps we followed as mentioned in the link below,

      Link : https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/ars8000/Integrating+Approval+Server+with+an+application


      1. Created two join forms that joins the Work Order form with two different approval server supporting forms i.e. AP:Detail and AP:Detail Signature
      2. Running the arjoinfix utility to configure the join forms for the approval server
      3. Added Work Order form to the Approval Server(AP:Administration) form.
      4. Defined the equivalent Process and Rules for the Work Order form in AP:Adminstration
      5. Have created one filter using the Run Process command which initiates and sets the approver


      When we create a work order and set the ticket status to planning the filter triggers. We see that the Signature entries are getting stuck in Application pending form and so no entries are visible in Approval Central or the Signature form.


      Could someone please advise on this ?