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    Error:"Attempt to de-reference a null object" after adding CI custom fields to incident field set

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      I am new to RemedyForce, though I HAVE taken the three day administration class. I found that it didn't really provide information about customization or what to do when things go poorly.


      Here's where things are going wrong:


      • I have added a custom CI class. Let's call it "Laptop".
      • I have added custom field to this class, e.g. "IP Address"
      • I populated the picklists with a half-dozen plaintext values.
      • I added the custom fields to the Incident fieldset under "Console - Service and CI"
      • When I click the "new incident" button, or try to open an existing incident I get the error "Attempt to de-reference a null object"


      This seems simple enough; why isn't it working?

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