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    How does your organization categorize work order types?

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      Hi All,


      After several years away, I'm now working again for a local government agency and implementing Track-It! 11.4 as a new installation. I'm also trying to get familiar with the BMC Track-It! Community, so I apologize if this is a common question of newbies and I just haven't stumbled across the original discussion.


      With that said, I'm interested to hear from those of you who have tackled the issue of creating work order types, subtypes and categories. We are a typical IT department: User Administration, Network, Printer, Hardware and Software Purchasing (and Installation), and finally, Geographical Information Systems (GIS). I'd like to base the work order types on a quasi-ITIL format, meaning functional, easy to use but also able to categorize work orders into incidents (break/fix) and service requests. I'll also formalize our change management processes somewhat and scope them appropriately.


      Anyone willing to share some lessons learned and your work order types?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Jason Riker



          For us, the work order Type is broken down by sub-department, like Technical Services, Financial Applications, and Clinical Applications.  Sub-types are then based on system supported, like AD, Exchange or Lawson.  Finally, categories are the specific actions we take to support users, like add/edit/delete an account or create a new report.


          Hope that helps.



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            Thanks Jason, that's just the kind of different perspective I'm looking for.



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              It depends on so many factors.  In our organization, only one department is using it (ours) so Type is things like phones, hardware, software, domain maintenance, etc and then fine tuned from there.  I think once we start to incorporate other departments, the fine tuning with become......less fine tuned.

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                Thanks Brad. In all of the organizations I've worked in, we've only ever used Track-It! (or Remedy) within the IT organization. It's interesting to me how mature some Track-It! implementations have become and that they are now able to support other departments. It's good to know that Track-It! is scalable to the point of supporting other service departments.


                Thanks for the info.



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                  I appreciate the replies already received though it just occurred to me that I could post what I've developed so far and see if that prompts any other discussion.


                  Here's what I've got so far:

                  1. Antivirus / Malware cleanup
                  2. Application Errors
                    1. List of applications in use...
                    2. Outlook Email
                      1. Can't send or receive
                      2. Mailbox full
                      3. Other
                      4. Webmail
                  3. GIS Service Request (special mapping or analysis request)
                  4. Hardware Request
                    1. Audio/Visual
                    2. iPad/Tablet
                    3. Laptop
                    4. Monitor
                    5. Other
                    6. Smartphone
                  5. Other
                  6. Printer/Multi-Function Device
                    1. Consumables
                    2. Jammed
                    3. Other
                    4. Scan to email
                  7. Software Purchase/Installation
                    1. Adobe Acrobat Pro
                    2. Microsoft Office
                    3. Other applications...
                  8. Special Event / Facility Access Request
                  9. Special Print Request
                  10. User Administration
                    1. Email distribution list admin
                    2. Employee term/resign
                    3. Mailbox Administration
                    4. Network access
                    5. New Employee setup
                    6. Password reset
                    7. Remote Access/VPN
                    8. Telephone/Voicemail Admin
                      1. Greeting administration
                      2. PIN reset
                      3. Voice mailbox setup/admin
                    9. Unlock account


                  So, I'm not sure I've optimized the way I'm categorizing the work order types and I'm not sure I've captured everything we'll want to have available to use. Do your organizations consistently use Track-It! to categorize the work down to three levels? Are you concerned with distinctions between incidents and service requests?


                  Thanks again,



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                    Matt Hackbart


                    I like your thinking on how to categorize. You may get me to redo ours.


                    Here's a quick list of what we have that DOESN'T work well. It's been used for years from Track-It version 7 (12 years ago?) and as you can see very little thought was put into it.


                    1. Facilities

                    2. General Inquiry

                         1. Documentation







                         1-20 = various hardware components


                         1-15= various network components (router, switches, wireless, etc..)

                    5. Printers

                         1. Inkjet

                         2. Laserjet

                         3. POS printer

                    6. Security

                         1-10 = various components (permissions, certificates, firewall,etc)

                    7. Software

                         1-40 = various applications

                    8. Telephony

                         1-10= various (caller id, long distance, voicemail, directory, etc..)


                    As you can see, it's easy to categorize an issue incorrectly since there are many overlaps in the types. We don't utilize reporting yet to notice this mess but that day will come so I may make a mission to start fresh on Jan 1.

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                      Thanks Matt.


                      I like that you have listed general inquiry and security separately, gives me some food for thought.


                      What kinds of requests do you handle under Facilities? Is it strictly for access?


                      I appreciate it,


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                        Matt Hackbart

                        The type of requests under facilities is usually for electrical or cabling installations. If we have to meet with an electrician or cabling vendor to explain what needs to be done we'll create a ticket for that. Sometimes there will be a few heating/cooling issues in server rooms that require a member of the IT staff to be present also. That type of stuff falls under facilities.

                        The problem with having general inquiry, software and a security type is that it's possible that 3 different techs classify the same incident in 3 different categories. We usually run into that issue handling websites. If Joe User asks if www.myworksite.com is in his trusted sites (it's locked down) and that site uses a client (software), it's possible that could get placed under General Inquiry -Website, Software -Website or Security-Trusted Sites-Website.

                        Too many spots possible. 

                        So if you want to track security, be careful with how granular it gets.

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                          Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.



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                            Cris Coffey

                            Rolled this into a document to centralize the discussion.


                            The document is here: Track-It! Type/SubType/Category examples