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    RPD "Repositories" - a great feature, but...

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      I can tell you with some confidence that the Repositories feature of RPD is truly unique when compared to other products in the industry.  No one comes close.  A great feature, but unfortunately it breaks a cardinal rule of any deployment tool.

      Cardinal Rule:  A deployment tool must answer the question:  In what environment is an application (package) baseline (instance) deployed to?  Let me explain.

      Let's say you have two packages (applications):  APP1  & APP2.  You have created an instance (baseline) of APP1: APP1-InstanceA; and an instance of APP2:  APP2-InstanceB.  Yesterday morning you deployed APP1-InstanceA to the TEST environment and in the afternoon you deployed APP2-InstanceB to the TEST environment.  Today you are going to deploy these same instances to the QM environment.  But, as an efficiency, you created a Repository REPO1 and included APP1-InstanceA and APP2-InstanceB in it.  You then created the instance REPO1-InstanceC and deployed it to the QM environment.


      Now ask RPD to answer the Cardinal Rule Question:  In what environments is APP1-InstanceA deployed to?


      The Deploy tab cannot answer the question through any filter that APP1-InstanceA is in the QM environment.  The Report tab cannot generate any report that would return a result showing that APP1-InstanceA is in the QM environment.


      Can anyone prove otherwise?

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          Brendan Farrell

          You are correct that the Deploy tab would not show individual packages results if you deployed a repository.  Going to the Repository subtab, only shows the instance of the repository.  You would have to click it to see what is inside.  However, you can see this in the reports in some capacity.  This is by either doing an environment report, which would show the repo and its content (in this case instances).  Or you could do a repo instance report, which would again tell you where the repo and its content (package instances) was deployed.  What you cannot do and I think you are asking for, is to run a package instance report to see where that instance was deployed regardless if you deployed it as a package or repo instance.

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            Thanks for the follow up.  You are correct - what I'm asking for is to see a report (or UI page filter) that shows me the package instance regardless of whether it was deployed via a standalone package instance or a package instance within a repo instance.  I have to disagree though with your statement that doing an environment report would show the content of a repo.  Here is an example of what I see when I do an environment report.  Note, these are all repo deployments with several package instances inside.  I see no reference to repo content.


            2014June14_NMV_FMEFC0.0.0.1PassFri Jun 13 09:51am
            2014MAR28_MarketView_FMHelp0.0.0.1PassSat Mar 29 05:23pm
            2014MARCH19_BTTBEARs_BTTBTAR_TPSJBOSSPROP0.0.0.1PassWed Mar 26 01:36pm
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              Brendan Farrell

              We should move this over to an idea to see if we can create a more comprehensive report.


              I think you are using the Environment Contents report.  If you use the Environment Manifest report, you would see something like this :




              Instance Date                Thu Nov 6 04:46pm

              Deployment Date           Thu Nov 6 04:46pm

              Result                            Pass






              Also, the Environment History report would show you more specifics on each deployment to the selected environment.  Regardless, neither of these solve your real problem because in both these cases you would have to be doing a report per environment and not for the instance.  So you would have to know which environment you expected the deployment to be on.  Again, let's create an idea and we will see if we can come up with a better report.

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                We had to build SQL queries at our firm in order to extract this information because we were also finding it difficult to get this information.

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                  Jon Thomas

                  We have converted this into an Idea (https://communities.bmc.com/ideas/8615), and it is under consideration for RDP 4.4 Patch 8.

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                    Just wanted to follow up to say thanks for patch 8.  A report feature is now available that answers the cardinal rule:


                    Cardinal Rule:  A deployment tool must answer the question:  In what environment is an application (package) baseline (instance) deployed to?