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    Needs the standard Repeater SocksProxy?

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      we installed a standard Repeater for a second DC. Needs the standard Repeater a SocksProxy in order to manage double IPs.

      Exemple Scenario:

      DC1: BladeLogic Environment => DC1 Targets

      DC2: Repeater => DC2 Targets

      In DC1, we have a targetserver with IP=

      In DC2, we have another targetserver with IP=


      does the repeater manage double IPs or we must install a Socksproxy (dante in our case)?  and if the socksproxy is needed can we use the agentport for all communications between components

      AppServer => 4750 => Repeater => 4750 =>Targets

      or we must use another Port like

      AppServer => 1080 => Repeater => 4750 =>Targets