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    Use of an array in compliance template

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      Wondering if anyone ran into this, we are doing an ESXi compliance on various vCenters, each vCenter is its own unique domain and has a unique login and pw.


      How can I pass the right logins to each vcenter? Right now Im runnign the compliance with a Local Property on teh template called





      If I have more than 1 login, I need some sort of logic to determine which login to use, I was thinkign of passing an array like this

      vcenterlogin=user@corp1.company.com,user@corp2.company.com, etc


      same for passwords. Then my extended object (on the compl. template) would parse the hostname of the target, determine the domain and then apply the correct login based on that. But there doesnt seem a way to pass arrays when using Properties.


      If I use String Enumeration, it sets the default value, not the entire array.


      Passing a text file with user logins over to the vcenter server and letting pshell do the work is not an option due to security.