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    Application Packager

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      Encounter error message when I try to publish channel distribution: A destination exception occurred: java.net.Connectexception: Connection timed out: connect.


      Any idea? Many thanks in advance.

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          Maybe the transmitter is out of memory due to max connection threads (inventory insertions, channel subscriptions etc.).  Try some maintenance on the master transmitter.

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            Anytime there are symptoms of connection issues one has to first eliminate any possibility of underlying network connectivity issues.

            1) On the OS that is running this Application Packager

            • Can this OS ping sgdominus01?
            • Open a web browser on this OS, see if it can open http://sgdominus01:5282
            • Can this OS successfully connect to sgdominus01:5282 via "telnet sgdominus01 5282"

            2) Is your environment using a proxy? if so make sure the tuner is using the same settings. Just be/c your web browser is properly using the proxy doesn't mean the tuner is.

            3) Do you have an improper configured firewall, local to OS or other?

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              Hi Sharon - I was running into this same issue.

              I found out that I needed to change the url address to the proper name of the transmitter and it works.  For instance: I usually copy a channel from rtlcm-dev-glb:port # and I needed to copy it from rtlcm-dev-master.  Same transmitter - different url.

              Best of luck - Chris