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    BSA : export deploy job results with blcli

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      Hi to all (and to Bill Robinson):


      I cannot reproduce the result of a deploy job run "Export Log" from BSA console with BLCLI commands.


      Indeed :

      - I can export a deploy job run logs by doing  : My deploy job run --> rigth click --> Export Log

        The file created contains the job run logs in details (with even more logs than in the

        "Messages logs" tab in the BSA console).

        Especially a log line that points an error (I try to catch) of type  :

        "Error,Staging failed while copying from repeater [a repeater] directory [...] to [...]: Connection timed out".


      - Attempting to get the same logs with BLCLI fails for me. I tried :

          + Utility exportDeployResults [args] (I get only a header and no log)

          + Utility exportDeployRun [args] (I get the same thing)

          + JobRun getLogItemsByJobRunId [args] (I get nothing)


      Can somebody tell me how to do to get the same level of information with BLCLI

      than with the "Export Log" of a deloy Job Run ?


      I work with BSA 8.3.


      Thank you !