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    Version of mainview

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      How do I display the version of mainview for z/os that is running here? The version number does not seem to appear on any ispf panels or batch output.

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          Hi Ken,


          There are a couple of ways to find this.   It should be listed in the running MV for z/OS PAS JESLOG.  Like this:

          BBDDA017I Common Storage Monitor(3.8.00) Service Point Attach

          BBDDA017I MainView SYSPROG Svcs (3.8.00) Service Point Attach

          BBDDA017I CMF MONITOR Online (6.0.00) Service Point Attach co

          BBDDA017I MainView for USS (1.7.00) Service Point Attach comp

          BBDDA017I MainView for z/OS (3.2.00) Service Point Attach com


          Or you can go into PLEXMGR from the primary selection menu (option P) then on the command line type TGTGRP.    Scroll down to you see MVMVS and then hit PF11 to scroll right.   You should see:

          The Ver and Rel Columns tell you the release and version.


          Hope this helps,



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            Thanks, Fred!!! That is exactly what I was needing.