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    Spoon 4.1.0 Excel input step and trailing .0

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      Hi, everyone,


      I have a simple transformation that inputs a s/n from an .xls file into AST:Attributes. 


      Everything works fine except that the s/n always ends up with a .0 at the end in AST:Attributes (in the .xls file, the s/n's are whole numbers).


      An old posting from Pentaho discusses this as a bug, but it's an old posting ([PDI-6151] Excel Input Step is padding .0 to the string column - Pentaho BI Platform Tracking).


      I've tried formatting the s/n column to text, but that didn't work either.


      The only thing that I've noticed is that a single cell is marked like this:


      (note the green triangle), but none of the other cells have that.  That cell is the only one that passes its value without a trailing .0