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    SRM--SRD Mapping questions

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      Hi all


      i have built a SRD with Questions to answer by user , some of the Questions is Conditionals , suppose i want to map all questions (Question label + answer ) to the Note filed in incident form


      now how to send only the answered Questions because when i open mapping form --advance mapping-- all question is available (nested ones also) -- if i select to map all questions some of the data will be pushed with Question lable but the answer is Null because it is not answered at all .



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          Lisa Singh

          It took me a while to work this one out when I started doing SRDs. Basically just map the answers all one after the other in the same line, whatever is NULL (unanswered) won't show up at all, so only the answered question will show up in that line when it goes into the notes field.


          Does that make sense?

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            This is what i am doing now ,you are correct


            But  my question is diffirent ,suppose i have menu question contain 2 values

            A and B

            Condition 1 is when select A option to show

            1- how old are you

            2- what is your fulll name

            Condition 2 when select B option to show

            1-how old are you

            2-what is your car type


            Your advise is working in [how old are you] question because it is common question , suppose that the user goes with option 1

            The [what is your car type] question is null in this case , but it is already mapped as following


            ""What is your car type :"" <question response>


            so it will be pushed as label only and null follows the lable .


            I hope this cleared the idiea .

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              Lisa Singh

              Is that bad though? I just leave them blank.

              Login ID:BLOGGJ01
              Full Name:Joe Bloggs
              Job Title:  Test Account
              Support Area:Ops London or Salford
              Support Organisation:Business Systems
              Default Support Group:  Inquira
              Primary Function:Log Incidents
              Additional Groups :
              Region: London
              Building:Broadcast Centre
              New User?No
              Additional Requirements:



              I'll have a think about another way to do this...


              By the way, I always leave 5+ spaces after typing in the label / before the answer to make it much more readable in the notes:


              " + "Login ID:          " + <Login ID of the User> + "

              " + "Full Name:          " + <Full Name> + "

              " + "Email:          " + <Email Address> + "

              " + "Job Title:          " + <Job Title> + "

              " + "Support Area:          " + <Support Area> + "

              " + "Support Organisation:          " + <Support Organisation> + "

              " + "Default Support Group:          " + <Primary Support Group> + "

              " + "Primary Function:          " + <Primary Function> + "

              " + "Additional Groups:          " + <Additional Groups if Necessary> + "

              " + "Region:          " + <Region> + "

              " + "Building:          " + <Building> + "

              " + "New User?           " + <Is the Staff Member New to the BBC?> + "

              " + "Additional Requirements:          " + <Additional Requirements> + "

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                Carl Wilson


                although a customisation, you can look at implementing the following: