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    Refreshing Database for Non-Prod and Disaster Recovery Environments in 8.6


      We recently migrated to BladeLogic 8.6.1 from 8.2.1.


      In previous versions, when we copied over our Production Database to our Non-Production environments we only had to start-up the application servers and all the configuration settings were there (custom configurations for Config or Job Servers).


      Now in version 8.6.1, when we migrate our Production Environment to our Non-Production environments when I start up the application servers, it is unaware of the existing application server (ie job or config server) and it creates a new one.  I am assuming it is creating a "default" application server.  All of our configurations are gone.


      This issue also happens in our Disaster Recovery (DR) Environment.  We have Dataguard replicating our Production Data to DR. When we startup our application servers, all of configurations are gone.


      What has changed in 8.6.1?

      Has anyone else seen this?

      How do I get around this?

      Is there anything I can run so that it is aware of the existing application servers (configurations)?