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        Elena Rodriguez

        Just to add to my last post. I thought I might have sussed it as I noticed that alot more .xml files got updated with the new free disk info in:
        but still no joy after copying and pasting all these to the 2nd tomcat folder and stopping/starting 2nd Perceive URL. :_|
        I am trying though !!! 

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          Nice find - a very worthy addition to the thread.  Many of my customers are unable to get access to the Internet from their Perceive server so this is really handy!

          I installed it using this approach just this week but I didn't need to modify anything to get it to work. I simply ran

          <br />ppm install packagename.ppd<br />

          I'm not sure if it matters that I was running v5.8 which now appears to have all of the necessary modules.



          • 17. Removeing Packages in 7.1.21
            Karl Steger

            I am unable to remove packages in the new version of Perceive.  The script correctly removes the entries from common.xml, but does not update vis-sql.xml, udrmappings.xml, or packages.xml.  Even using the -f force option.

            Any ideas?


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              I've been running 7.1.21 for quite some time and I've never had a problem with it.  Is there a pkg attribute in the query tag for the metric you want to remove?  The other thing to keep in mind is that the -r option is case sensitive - make sure you match the spelling exactly.  It won't complain if it doesn't find an entry that matches and I don't intend on updating it unless someone wants to provide me with some incentive ($$) to do so.



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                Karl Steger


                To be more specific, it is not removing any packages, including yours, from vis-sql, udr, and the patches files. It is removing correctly from common.

                I did a clean installation of 7.1.21, and then added the packages in a Windows environment. Can you think of any places to look? Could it be a problem with the XPath module?

                If it was CASE sensitive related, I would expect problems on only my packages.


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                  There's nothing special about my packages, they are the same as anything you can create yourself. If you send me your vis-sql and udrmappings I'll take a look but I can't think of anything other than what I described above.



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