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    SRM Approval for two Groups in a sequence

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      we use ITSM 8.1.01

      I have a SRD which generates a Change but before an change will be generated two Approver Groups have to approve the Service Request.


      Service Request is generated ---> Status: "Waiting Approval", Group A Approver, if Approved --> Status: "Waiting Approval", Group B will Approve, if Approved --> Status: "Initiated", Change will be created.


      I know I have to work with Approval Chains and Rule Definitions, but somehow cant or don't know how do it for two Groups in a sequence.


      I created an approval for this SRM but just one Approver will be listed or has this SRM approval in the Approval Central.

      Already searched for answers but could not find simple answer what to use to make it work.

      Thanks in advance for any pointers or help.

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