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    BCM Agent Communication Issue with Master

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      Hi All


      We have install BCM on single node where Master (Relay) & DB is present and now deployed agent at 10 Machines but getting below error in agent log file.


      2015/07/10 16:28:27 AgentIdentity                    W   [2828] Relay module did not returned required information. Will check locally...

      2015/07/10 16:28:27 AgentIdentity                    I   [2828] Core: IP address found [] (Local)

      2015/07/10 16:28:27 AgentIdentity                    W   [2828] Current parent is out of sync

      2015/07/10 16:28:27 Identity                         I   [2828] User name is currently defined (Support-PC\Support)

      2015/07/10 16:28:28 Identity                         I   [2828] Primary user name is currently defined for the 24 hours(s) period with counter 144 (Support-PC\Support)



      Changed the mentioned parameter from host-name to IP address in Relay.ini file of Master as well as client also...










      Note : We are able to telnet & ping from both side.


      Attached is the agent log file, please help us to resolve it.



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          Julien Devienne



          A master should never have a parentname in its relay.ini. The first thing to do is to stop the service of the master then delete that parentname and anything that is set on "sequence=". Then restart the master.


          You say you are able to telnet on the port 1610 and on the port 1611 from the client to the master? If so, please check if "PAC=" and "SSL=" are set to the same value in your client and your master ../config/mtxagent.ini.


          Have a good day

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            Julien Devienne


            Thanks for the response, Modified suggested parameters but no luck, attached are the logs from master/client.


            Please help me to resolve the same issue.



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              Dominik Kress

              Hi Anay,


              You should recreate the zip of the log files where both log files contains the same time stamp (client is from 20.6 and master is from today) and please add the mtxagent.ini from your client.


              You wrote the the ip address of your master server is as in the provided master.log file the master ip address is Does the master server have multiple NICs installed?


              Based on the master.log file it looks like there are issues with the SSL certificate:



              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Server                           I   [5784] Received incoming connexion (TCP (local:, peer: of priority 1: handling at once

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Server                           I   [2868] Processing connection TCP (local:, peer:

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Server                           I   [2868] Connection is secured

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Socket                           D   [4324] BufferedSocket: receive failed

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Socket                           D   [4420] SslHandshake - Fatal error (SSL_ERROR_SSL)

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Socket                           D   [4420] SslHandshake - Error details (error:14094412:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert bad certificate)

              2015/07/11 22:47:08 Server                           W   [2868] SSL handshake failed








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                Hi Dominik,


                Sorry, By mistake uploaded wrong logs.


                Julien Devienne Provided Solution working now.


                Thanks a lot

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                  Attachment Scanner

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