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    Custom Metrics Groups Using UMX

      I have been trying to create a custom metric group with UMX and have had little success. Between the lack of documentation, incorrect documentation, and lack of UMX knowledge have caused frustration on many levels.
      Any ways has anyone successfully implemented a custom metric group with UMX and is willing to share any tips.

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          It's been a very long while since I've played around with UMX. I can't do anything about the documentation and I haven't written any presentations on this subject but, if you let me know what you're trying to do, I'll see if I can help you out.



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            If the offer is still open....

            I am trying to use UMX to retrieve the following fields from the mpstat command:
            CPU intr smtx

            I have tried by using defining the record from the output in the record_definition in the .mt file, but I am getting bad output.

            I am now trying to use a script for the method that only reports the values I need, but the problem I am having now is that I need to have this run continuously and it fails.
            I have OUTPUT_MODE set to CONTINUOUS and in the script I have the command set to "mpstat 10" to repeat every 10 seconds.
            I've tried setting the OUTPUT_MODE to ONE_SHOT and it also fails.
            Neither setting produces an error in any of the $BEST1_HOME/bgs/log files.

            I would appreciate any help you could offer.

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              Sorry for the delay in responding, things have been a little crazy lately. 

              It has been a while but things are starting to come back to me, if nothing else I now remember why I generally prefer PATROL for this type of thing :-). I agree that we need some sort of quick reference guide although, in the end, it actually isn't as difficult as we've made it out to be in the documentation.

              First thing, I'm not sure it's worthwhile to re-format the mpstat output to provide only the few columns that you need. I'm thinking that the processing required to do the reformatting is as expensive as incorporating all of the columns. If you don't want all of the columns to show up in your output you can delete them using Customize -> Column headings from the drill-down.

              I created an mpstat UMX collector by copying and modifying the one from vmstat. I changed only the field names and MAX_OUTPUT_RECORDS. It works fine although I must confess that my machine has only one processor in it. I'm trying to find some time to modify mpstat (essentially replace it with a script to produce output for two processors) so that I can verify this for other configurations. I will try to do this asap. I'll gladly send you my mt file if you want to try it out.

              When you say it fails, what exactly is happening?