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    Setting a specific string from output as a variable to be passed to a secondary job

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      Hi all,


         Currently I have a handful of jobs that use a .bat file that will call to specific .ini files for the application depending on the job this has the parameters. We have one job that spits out many PDF files that will need to be merged to 1 PDF. These jobs are created by the JobID in the application then 1of1 etc. What I need to do in Control-M is capture the JobID that the application issues (This is dynamic and changes each run) and be able to pass it to the secodary job which is the merger of ALL the PDFs each day for a tertiary job that will then print. What I can do is set the on-do to capture something from output.. and create the variable.. say




      What I am having issues with is passing this to the second job so this can be used as a parameter to pretty much grab all files with JOBIDXXXX and start the merger process.


      Is there anyone who has done this and can provide assistance?