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    Smart Reporting on NonITSM Server??

    Ganesh Gore
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      Hello 9.0 world,


      I am playing with v9.0 features like smart reporting.

      Background :

      Recently I've upgraded my test AR server from 8.1 to 9.0 (Only AR server and components) and successfully installed 'BMC Remedy Smart Reporting' feature.



      In Midtier configuration, I have configured all the reporting parameters but at the time of tenant onboarding, It gives an error :




      It clearly states, ITSM version must be on 9.0.



      1. Does it mean, Smart reporting can not be used with old ITSM versions (e.g 8.1 SP2) ??

      2. Does it mean, Smart Reporting can not be used with NonITSM remedy environments??

      3. If Customers have some home grown custom AR applications (with AR v9.0) and wants to use smart reporting then is it possible??

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          LJ LongWing

          Jason Miller has some experience with this through the recently completed Beta program for 9.x....and I believe the answers to your questions are Yes, No, Kinda, respectively


          It is my understanding that Smart Reporting was developed requiring ITSM 9...but once you have a Remedy 9 and ITSM 9 system, I believe you can add reporting for non ITSM forms...

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            Jason Miller

            Pretty much what LJ LongWing said


            Officially Smart Reporting only works with ITSM 9. I have shown extreme interests in using Smart Reporting with our custom environment and have been advised by product management that they are looking into making this a possibility in the future. There are some licensing details and implementation they need to workout. Understandably the primary focus was to support ITSM.

            Note: I am not specifically stating they will charge for Smart Reporting without ITSM. I don't have the level of detail and they might not even know at this point.


            The onboarding step is for ITSM. It finishes adding the hooks into ITSM and imports the out of the box reports. It is not needed if you don't have ITSM. Well at least at this time, once and if Smart Reporting is available for custom environments there might still be some onboarding (again, they might not even know yet)?


            If you have ITSM and custom apps on that environment you can create Smart Reports against your custom apps. It is supported and legal* (consult your Account Manager to see if Smart Reporting is right for your custom apps).


            So....  Technically speaking...  Smart Reporting is primarily implemented at the AR platform level. There are handful of things it needs from ITSM objects but not much.


            I was invited to the BMC office prior to GA and worked closely with BMC to upgrade a copy of our custom DB as part of Camp Bmc for Remedy 9.0. Being a non-ITSM system the upgrade was very easy (we did correct a handful of things prior to running the installer) and we had considerable time left to try some new things   One of those things was to install Smart Reporting. After doing all the validation and testing of new features we wanted to try (Assocation Objects, Archiving, REST api, etc) we kicked off the Smart IT installer. I don't remember specifically which questions but we had to be creative with an answer or two. After installing I successfully created some reports against my custom forms.


            Now without running the onboarding there were some issues...  For one the link to launch Smart Reporting didn't work, I had to know the right URL to get to Smart Reporting. Also the authentication for an end user does not work (I was logged in as a Smart Reporting admin). We didn't dig too deep but on the surface it appears it needs the CTM:People or some other ITSM form look up users. The last thing I noticed is the Smart Reporting admin page stated it was unlicensed and I if I remember correctly it indicated that it would be expiring in xx number of days. I suspect onboarding takes care of that as well.

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              Jason Miller

              It has been long enough since AR/ITSM 9.0 GA. Idea submitted


              Smart Reporting for non-ITSM


              Please vote if you want this.


              CC: LJ LongWing, William Clary, Rick Westbrock, Theo Fondse, Rodney Harris

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                Ganesh Gore

                Thanks Jason!


                I was about to submit this Idea but before that just wanted to check the feasibility and others views on this!!

                Now let me check how can I proceed without ITSM v9.0.

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                  Ganesh Gore

                  Remedy homepage does not allow me to open Smart Reporting Console. It says:

                  ARERR [9430] Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting, Please see your administrator.

                  and I checked : Error while accessing Smart Reporting ARERR[9430]

                  It seems without onboarding, It won't allow me to land on smart reporting console [and That's a deadlock for me! as I can not complete onboarding without ITSM v9.0 ]

                  I am able to log in to default url  http://smartreportingserver:9090 using default credentials (siadmin/siadmin) and able to add data source. [I can see all the forms].


                  Now how can I create my first smart report using this data-source? [What's next??]

                  Is there any direct url to open smart reporting console?

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                    Jason Miller

                    Looks like you are almost as far as I was able to get. Beyond what you have done I did get some reports created against my custom forms.


                    The token error is related to the missing authentication parts I noted above.


                    I just found Automatically synchronizing BMC Remedy AR System users to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting - BMC Remedy IT Service Management … so by analyzing how the user sync works on an ITSM system we can create our own sync.


                    The next step to creating a report after creating the connection is Creating a view - BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.0 - BMC Documentation. This is where you as an admin define what forms can be reported against, the fields, the field labels users see, calculated fields, etc. It is also where you can specific joins if I remember correctly.

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                      Jason Miller

                      Can you check in the Smart Reporting admin console if you can fine where it show licensing info and see if it says it is going to expire? I was on a pre-GA version so I wonder if that may have changed after GA?

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                        Ganesh Gore


                        Some progress on this. Somehow I am able to 'bypass' itsm version error (It was not difficult to fool the setup )

                        unfortunately now I am facing new error on onboarding page : [for default credentials siadmin/siadmin)

                        Please Enter valid Reporting Credentials

                        I tried steps mentioned in below link but no luck. (stopped tomcat, deleted onboarding folder etc etc)

                        ARERR [9430] Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting, Please see your administrator.

                        It does not accept default credentials (siadmin/siadmin) . I've created new user in admin console and tried with the same but no luck. Any hints ??

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                          Jason Miller

                          I suspect onboarding is going to make more message than good. I haven't looked too closely at onboarding but I think it is mostly ITSM related. If you don't have ITSM most of the onboarding stuff is irrelevant.

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                            Ganesh Gore

                            It must be validating these reporting credentials from some source (People/User form, any XML file, DB??). I am trying to figure out that information.(It is nothing to related with ITSM now as It has passed ITSM version validation step).

                            Default credentials of reporting admin (siadmin/siadmin) should work as per the links and documentation but It's not working in my case. (I guess that's the only thing remains to complete the onboarding). 

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                              Laurent Matheo

                              Can you show your onboarding screen?

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                                I am also working on smart reporting which came with 9.0 Box. As it says, you need to upgrade your ITSM to 9.0 and try. What version of Mid-Tier are you using? 9.0?

                                Because, My interface look bit different. More orange in color



                                For credentials, use

                                username: siadmin

                                password: siadmin

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                                  Use this credential. Might work


                                  username: siadmin

                                  password siadmin

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                                    Hi Ganesh,


                                    I am hoping you must have logged into Smart Reporting as siadmin/siadmin or you were able to create an admin account for yourself. I am in the process of creating a datasource, needed few inputs.


                                    I have installed Smart reporting on the same db on which my new custom ARs 9.0 is installed.

                                    I have provided the same name for DBhost and same port number what I have provided while installing ARS 9.0 (same as in tnsnames.ora file)

                                    I have selected same set of values like in your screenshot.


                                    Username / password is the same for arsystem schema owner (basivally which I use to connect to db using sqlplus)


                                    GEtting the below while testing the connection


                                    Connection Failed

                                    Error Message: java.sql.SQLException: Cannot load connection class because of underlying exception: 'java.sql.SQLException: ERROR (91): RPC call failed; dbhost :1521 can not receive ONC/RPC data'.


                                    Any thoughts?




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