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    Migrating Events from a SIM 7.3 cell to a BPPM 9.6 cell



      I have a brand new BPPM 9.6 system into which I have migrated custom classes, rules, config etc. from my old SIM 7.3 system.


      However, I need to retain the events from the old system and am seeking advice on how to do this.


      The events in SIM have automatically created incidents in Remedy 7.5 and these incidents are being copied over to the new Remedy 8.1 system as many of them are still being worked on.


      If I cannot migrate the events which created these incidents then, when a (clearing) OK event arrives in the cell, it will not find the matching event which created the incident and will therefore not be able to auto-resolve the incident.


      I have tried copying the whole mcdb and smxxx files from the SIM 7.3 system to BPPM but receive the following error when I start the cell :


      BMC-IMC065024E: Error in transaction history file E:/Program Files/BMC Software/ProactiveNet/pw/server/var/wbcsimp01/mcdb, line 2: bad command header


      I plan to re-create the service model with a publish, and any other data with mposter; however, I need to retain the events and, in particular, their association with the incidents they have created.


      Does anyone know how I can do this ?