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    Upgrade to 8.1 affecting reserved fields question




      I have a few questions regarding how the upgrade from BMC Remedy 7.5.00 Patch 007 to BMC Remedy 8.1 would affect an application that has been greatly edited and modified. The last time we had such an upgrade (5.x to 7.0) we had lost data regarding things as user license allocation and other such data which affected functionality. I am not sure if it had been the fault of the upgrade installer, or a mishap during the upgrade, or user error, but I would like to avoid another occurrence to happen. Many of the core forms and fields had been modified in many ways, and I would like to check what would happen when the upgrade occurs, what would actually take place? Does it always replace the default administrator view of a given form with the default view, replacing all the fields back to the standard Fresh Remedy Install? What can be done to prevent any data loss?


      As a note, we will be first upgrading to BMC Remedy 7.6.04 and running some test scripts to ensure all functionality is sustained. Will a database backup in 7.5 and restore to 7.6.04 affect anything during such an upgrade, or will I have to upgrade the database through the installer, and a restore could break functionality? And the same with the upgrade from 7.6.04 to 8.1?


      What about the slight modification of core fields or reserved fields such as License_Type, or created workflow involving Login_Name, and such? I am not sure what has been done to them before I became the developer for our version of Remedy, but I think some of those core fields had been modified and might be one of the reasons for some of the loss of data.


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide!