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    Merge Failed with no explanation

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      Just a quick explanation. I am trying to run audits through track it. up until this point I have been just doing the audit.exe on the workstation itself and manually been keeping up with the inventory (I hate doing it that way). I want to be able to do a scheduled audit over the network and I cant seem to get it to work.


      I am testing it on on PC (right click and select "Audit now") and I keep getting a merge failed error with no explanation of why. I don't have any restrictions on for the audit or certain days of the week. It seems like it would work if I can discover that asset, meaning it can talk to it. I guess i am missing a step or a setting somewhere.


      thanks in advance for the feedback.

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          We had the same issue and finally change the audits over to running a batch file whenever a user logs into a computer a few days ago. We pushed the audit out through Microsoft GPO using active directory "domain users" as the variable in GPO as to application of the GPO. It took all of 15 minutes to setup the bat file and configure a GPO. It has been running flawlessly the last few days and we found several computers and servers that were never entered into the Track-It Inventory module. You configure the behavior of the audits through the bat file in Administration-Inventory-manual audits. We are going to change it to run once a week in the next couple of days.

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            I agree with John.  I'm a huge advocate of using login scripts or GPO to trigger audits, rather than using the scheduler in the Admin Console, or the right click and Audit Now.


            If Track-It! is initiating the audit (through Scheduled Audits or Audit Now), then you have to have our little listener agent installed on every machine that you wish to audit.  That agent is a real pain to get installed properly in many environments.  This Community post talks about it in a bit more detail.


            Track-It! Inventory 101 - Workstation Manager


            Now, if you use login scripts or GPOs, you take that agent out of the picture.  That has two net results:  Your Inventory tends to be much more accurate; and you spend much less time wrestling with Discovery and that agent.  This Community post gives an overview of how you can initiate audits:


            Track-It! Inventory 101 - Initiating an Audit




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              Sorry about the delayed responds.


              I added If %SESSIONNAME% == Console start \\mercury\trackit80\TIAgentAudit.exe to the login script.


              the problem is that in our citrix Xen machines, the %SessionName% is still == Console. Any suggestions on how to get the script not to run in Xen? also we can include remote use of a users desktop also.


              Just a side note: I have been using query session in the cmd to get the session name. is that the best way or is there a better way to see more about the session