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    Monitoring how the customers navigate through Internet

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      Hello fellows,


      I have questions related the possibility to implement the EUEM solution to capture the traffic of how my customers navigate through internet.

      So, the idea is intercept (mirroring/tapping) the internet incoming/outgoing traffic and send all this information to a farm of "Real User Collectors" (LAN ===(EUEM)===> INET).

      I don't want to monitoring the servers inside my Data Center, I only want to know where my clients navigated.

      So, the questions are:


      1) Have anyone here experience in this type of monitoring scenario?

      2) Can be possible this idea with EUEM? if doesn't, has BMC another solution that can solution this request?

      3) Has the Real User Analyzer some Reports that inform me: "top N visited pages", "pages visited by one client (IP)", etc?

      4) Is mandatory receive the "full packet" GET=>response to count it as a HIT?


      Please, if you need more information, please ask.

      Best regards.