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    Import Service Targets with DMT

    Andreas Mitterdorfer
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      I'm trying to use the data management tool 8.1.02 along with the SLM_Service_Target_Template.xlsx for importing service targets.

      I've managed to figure out the fields for service targets and how they connect to milestones, however I'm stuck at finding the connection between milestones and actions.


      The goal is to have a spreadsheet to be able to easily do batch updates on existing SVTs and/or create new SVTs.


      I reviewed the slm data modell but here the connection between milestones and ruleaction/ruleactionsetvalue is done via slm:association resp. slm:ruleactionsequence tables but I do not have corresponding sheets in the excel.


      I'd be grateful if anybody has managed to import a SVT with a custom milestone and eg. an email action successfully and could share the excel or point me in the right direction. Maybe I've overlooked some documentation explaining this spreadsheet in detail.


      Thanks in advance & happy easter!




      ARS/CMDB/ITSM/SLM 8.1.02, patch001 were available