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    Need a way to merge duplicate assets

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      I have multiple assets that have the same serial number that I need to be able to merge together.

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          I can tell you at this point, there's no way to "merge" them other than manually copy the data from one, into the one you want to keep; then delete the unwanted one(s).  However, before you do that, I'd like to see why this happened, so that we can talk about ways to prevent it going forward.


          I'd like to see the Audit Trail information from those 4 asset records.



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            Would be a great feature to be able to merge duplicate assets.

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              Here's what I'm seeing.


              The oldest asset record is the one with the Audit Trail date showing 12/3/2014.  That record was put there by Barcode.  So, I assume you had walked around with the scanner, zapped an asset, and used the Barcode Reconciliation to add that record to the Inventory module.


              Later, on 2/27/2015, you ran a Discovery.  Discovery found an asset with a name of LE-N120-FA-HDTJ.  During the Asset Reconciliation you selected to Add To Inventory.  Rather than accepting the Add To Inventory, which means create a new record, it would have avoided the duplicate if you had selected Match To Existing, then linked this discovered record that the earlier barcoded record.  It's very possible, though, that you weren't aware of the prior record....both Discovery and Barcode are very limited in the amount of data that they can put into an asset record, and that makes it difficult to know that the two records represent the same machine during a reconciliation.


              There were two more barcode scan records that were reconciled on 3/18, about a second or so apart.  Again, it looks like Add To Inventory was selected....making two more new asset records.



              It's very important when you're doing a reconciliation, either for Barcode or for Discovery, that you carefully double check the suggestions.  Both of these processes are very limited:  the Discovery was intended as a light, fast way to quickly populate the Inventory module, and from there the intent was that you could use Audit to fill in the details.  From that point, the Barcode module would be used to augment physical data into the asset record.  But neither Barcode or Discovery bring in solid, indisputable identifying information in their records, so they rely upon careful manual reconciliation to avoid problems.




              If you have the opportunity, I'd strongly suggest that you use a login script or similar to audit all of your assets (and turn off Discovery).  This ensures solid, non-duplicated asset records, with no need to manually reconcile.  Those records include things like the service tag information, which Discovery cannot detect.


              Then after the audits have been completed, you use the barcode unit.  Now, the reconciliation has the service tag that you scanned in with the barcode unit, and it sees the service tag that the audit populated for the asset records; it draws much more accurate matches, and so your barcoded information matches up cleanly with the audited assets, without duplicated records.



              Click here for more information on the limitations of Discovery.


              Click here for more information on ways to initiate an Audit.






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                I see it now about the conflicts that show up when syncing. I did not realize that it was not syncing the items by serial because if the application saw more than one entry it would come up as a conflict. The sync software is defaulted to -Add to Inventory. I will have to see if we can change the default to skip so that no one else syncs the scanner by mistake without changing. Than  I can check each conflict before syncing again. We also had the Discovery on for too long. The combination of items being discovered, track-it client being pushed, scanning and put in by hand caused even more woes.

                Now for the task of searching out all the duplicates and copy/paste to get rid of duplicates. Lesson learned!