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    New OpenSSL vulnerability

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      The new OpenSSL vulnerability http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/17/openssl_preps_fix_for_mystery_high_severity_hole/ is an challenge and an opportunity for the SecOps Council.  It's a challenge because we need to resolve the issue for our own organizations and for our customers.  It's an opportunity because we can help each other by sharing information and best practice responses on how to mitigate the risk and remediate the issue.  It's also an opportunity because we can share our expertise and our advice with others and begin to create some awareness for the Council.


      BMC is completely open to helping members of the Council help others.  Do you have a blog post that you would like to write or perhaps co-author?  We can provide a platform for you to create that blog and then help you promote the post to the widest possible audience.  


      Please share your experiences with other members of the Council here on this forum.  Also, if you have interest in publishing or co-authoring a blog, please contact me. Finally, what else can we do to help others or to promote the Council?  We'd love to help the industry deal with this new vulnerability and so reduce the damage done as much as possible.






      Peter Chargin

      Product and Solutions Marketing, Cloud and Data Center Automation