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    Adding Remote HA Cell to BPPM 9.6

      I am using BPPM 9.6 and its running on Linux 6.3

      I have installed integration service's with inbuilt cell on 2 server.

      and I have followed the HA cell creation procedure wile installation and the HA cells are working fine.

      Now I am trying to add them to BPPM admin console for event management , I have added the remote cell info into mcell.dir file of BPPM server and also registered the cell HA cell using iadmin command successfully.

      and I have added the same bppm server cell info in to the individual mcell.dir file of the cells.


      now when I add the HA cell in Admin console I see it as grayed out I am unable to get any options please suggest


      please find attached screen shot


      Thanks & regards


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          Sameer Khan

          Hello Akash,


          Are you able to select that cell in console? if yes then you should be seeing some message in status bar at the bottom of Admin console.


          Can you take screenshot of iadmin -lc command along with mcell.dir content from both cells. You can also try reopening console or restart jserver.


          Thanks & Regards,

          Sameer Khan

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            Hi Sammer,


            I have restarted the server now I am able to see the options under the NEW HA cell but they are grayed out


            And there seems to be only read permissions available.


            Please suggest




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              Sameer Khan

              Hello Akash,


              Please try below article.



              Also if login user is part of group other than default groups below.


              ['BPPM Administrators','BPPM Model Administrators', 'BPPM Monitoring Administrators','Cloud Administrators','Service Administrators'];


              Then you need to add this user's group in read_list,write_list, execute_list slot of each MC_ACL data  records in di_acl_default.baroc file at  $MCELL_HOME\etc\<cell_name>\kb\data directory.


              If you are making above changes then you need to,


              1. Reimport this file using mposter as shown in article

              2. Restart Admin console


              Thanks & Regards,

              Sameer Khan

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                Sameer Khan

                In new screenshot I also see there are no default selectors or policies (as there is no expand button), so first re-import the di_acl_default.baroc and then re-connect to this cell from Admin console then see if selectors and policies are appearing.


                If not then check if policies and selectors actually exist in cell with below commands.


                > mquery -n <cell_name> -d -a SELECTOR -s COUNT

                > mquery -n <cell_name> -d -a POLICY -s COUNT


                If commands are giving you count of more than 0 then there is some issue with console but if count is 0 then you need to re-import below barocs files from $MCELL_HOME\etc\<cell_name>\kb\data directory to bring default policies and selectors back into cell.


                1. di_policies.baroc.

                2. di_selectors.baroc.

                3. ibrsd_bem_selector.baroc

                4. ibrsd_selector.baroc

                5. bpm_event_categorization_policy.baroc


                Or you can simply export all the policies and selectors at once from BPPM cell or any other cell and import it in IS cell with steps mentioned in below article.




                Note: This will export/import default as well as custom selector and policies.


                Thanks & Regards,

                Sameer Khan

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                  Hey Sameer Khan I applied your recommendations and it works excellent!


                  Thank you for share the solution.

                  My best regards, Fernando Ordaz.

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                    Alvaro Paronuzzi



                    It seems the following KA is no longer available. Is there a new link for it?


                    Please try below article.


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                      Leo Osborn



                      Try this link; (although I'm not sure if this works outside the bmc network)




                      Here is the content anyway



                      How to export selector and policy configuration from one cell and import to another cell ?

                      Legacy ID:KA297263

                      You can use mquery CLI to export the data from the cell :

                      mquery -n <cell> -q -d -a SELECTOR -x "data_handle,mc_udid,mc_creation_time,mc_modification_time,mc_modification_requestor,mc_modification_request_time" -f BAROC > selector.baroc


                      mquery -n <cell> -q -d -a POLICY -x "data_handle,mc_udid,mc_creation_time,mc_modification_time,mc_modification_requestor,mc_modification_request_time" -f BAROC > policy.baroc

                      and then use mposter CLI to import the data to the other cell :

                      mposter –n <cell> -d selector.baroc


                      mposter –n <cell> -d policy.baroc


                      If you want all data instances (not just policies/selectors) then you would export via :


                      mquery -n <cell> -q -d -w "data_handle: !=0" -x "data_handle,mc_udid,mc_creation_time,mc_modification_time,mc_modification_requestor,mc_modification_request_time" -f BAROC > data.baroc