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    RSCD.exe on Windows - High CPU usage

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      RSCD Agent version 8.1.3 312 (32 & 64 bit)


      Over the last few months we have had issues with the rscd.exe process taking 100% CPU on some servers. To date, we have experienced 17 occurances of this issue (never on the same server)  Th eonly way to recover, is to kill the rscd.exe process and rectcle the agent.


      It seems to ocur more on the 32bit Windows 2003 servers, but has occasionally also occurred on 64 bit Windows 2008 servers.


      We have a case open with BMC and continue to provide diagnostic data.


      The RSCD log most of the time just shows the standard starting agentHousekeeping message which is generated every 10 mins.


      I have put the agent into DEBUG mode on the servers where the issue occurs, bt have no clue if the problem will re-appear on these ones. We are currently consider to set all agents to debug in the "hope" that the problem will occur on one of our test servers and not as last time on one of our prod SQL clusters !


      In an attempt to reproduce the problem we have performed the following tests (all of them with no success)

      • Exhausted CPU and RAM and restarted the agent
      • Blocked the rscd port (4750) and then started the agent - the agent notices that the port is in use and just shuts itself down
      • Created high disk I/O and restarted the agent
      • submitted multiple jobs and restarted the agent
      • Submitted multiple jobs and exhausted CPU and memory


      None of the above scenarious caused the rscd.exe process to consume all of the CPU.


      Has anyone experienced a similar issue and if so, were you able to resolve it.





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