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    Data Management Job using Custom Template/Spreadsheet

    Yvonne Thompson
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      Hey all.


      We upgraded from Remedy 7.6.04 to 8.1 last year and this is the first time since then I have tried to export/import data from one environment to another.


      First of all I would like to prefix that even with the new functionality, it would have been nice if BMC could have kept the old method of importing active as well.  Export from user tool as .arx, import, run Data Load Console.  No mess, no fuss.  But since they have changed it, I have no choice but to work with it. <end rant>


      My problem is that I am trying to import Change Templates.  Which, as it seems, is not in the list of available BMC Templates.  Change is, but not Change Template (terminology confusion here I know, but bear with me).


      So.  I created a Custom Template.  Added Load, Validate, Promote steps.  Related them to a new job.  Easy enough.


      The spreadsheet though... err... I'm stuck.


      What in the world do I do?  It seems to want a spreadsheet in the same format as the other samples, with columns and datatypes in the right order (whatever that is).  I honestly have no idea how I would go about it.


      Am I supposed to do something like this with Spoon (which I have no familiarity with either)...?


      I'm so confused...