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    Registering for Webservice Callback or Webhook

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      I can't find any provision for webservice callbacks or webhooks. What is the recommended approach for triggering downstream automation in non-bmc products based on events like change ticket status or approvals? If so can you point me to the documentation or help with an example? We have used filters to run web service calls but I am looking for more of a self service way the caller can register for a return call rather than using polling.


      Also, if this is not the appropriate method for outside automation to be triggered upon events please explain and suggest other methods.


      Currently we are 8.0 but going to 8.1. We can look into SmartIT and set it up but I don't know if that helps this effort.


      Thanks very much,



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          Sylvain YVON

          Hi Jason,


          There is no callback/webhook option available ootb (at least in 8.1 and under) in ITSM. I'm afraid you'll have to develop this yourself. Maybe SOAP Web Services Best Practices will help.

          It would make a good request for enhancement though.

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            Those are excellent resources - thank you for those. We have actually already used some of what you have shared in the past!

            Can you think of any manner though where the consumer can subscribe on their own? I'm thinking we need a custom plugin for every web service we expose in order to allow this.

            Is anyone writing to messaging queues instead? So consumers can Subscribe at will?

            Thanks very much,


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              LJ LongWing


              Interesting concept....obviously not 'new', but something I've never really thought about from a Remedy perspective....here is a 'rough' outline of how I would go about designing something like that.


              Build up a console that allows someone to self register for events with a drop down of which event they want to sign up for, and provide the necessary information to contact them back when an event occurs....that part will be moderately tricky, because if it's a SOAP Web Service Call...then a custom filter would be needed to be called...but, if all of the methods to call the user back were restful...a single plugin could be used to make all outbound calls, given that sufficient information was provided


              Then, the 'event list' would need to be defined with workflow to capture each event, and any time an event occurs, call your 'registered' form and take action to notify each service registered for that event...


              The event list wouldn't be dynamic, but who registered could be.


              Alternatively, as you suggested, you could build a process that puts specific events onto something like a Tibco Messaging Queue, and anyone that wants to listen to the event, could, and they would be responsible for implementing the 'what to do with the event' part....but that puts the onus onto another system that may or may not exist in a given environment

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                Smart model! I think we'll likely try this.


                Thank you sir,