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    Creating and Searching on CI Alias Names

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      Today most CIs are known by multiple names, we need to identify a way to search and/or relate the Alias name of a CI in the CMDB,
      Asset, Incident and Change modules.  As a potential solution we are proposing to create shell CI records for the alias names with limited
      attributes and relate them as children to the CI with what we consider to have the parent name. We expect to add specific categorization options related to these aliases and determine the attributes we would need populated.


      We are looking feedback on this proposal or any ideas on other possible solutions.  We are currently using Remedy version 8.1.01 and CMDB version 8.1.01 as the service pack


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          Hi Mitch,


          few questions?


          Are you considering all CI of your environment for above approach?

          isnot this is going to create so much redundent data?

          How you are going to achieve this with some custom jobs or manual?

          Can you also explain your approach with some realtime example/use case?



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            Jeet Kukreja

            Hi Mitch,


            Have you considered the option for Normalizing your data before reconcile it to ASSET for consumption?

            I did not understand your question Entirely however i could got that in bits and pieces, below is some of my suggestion

            CMDB Normalization engine helps you create consistent set of data this process uses Product Catalog  as a benchmark for CTI, Manufacturer,Model


            Data in Product Catalog will have the following values for Product/Manufacturer Name.

            Microsoft Office Word 2007 / Microsoft Incorporated.

            CI can contain the following values for Model/Manufacturer Name

            Word 2007/Microsoft Inc.

            User defined aliases as follows.

            Word 2007 maps to Microsoft Office Word 2007

            Microsoft Inc maps to Microsoft Incorporated.

            Next is that normalization engine internally will replace Word 2007/Microsoft Inc to Microsoft Office Word 2007/Microsoft Incorporated and do a lookup in Product Catalog if it finds a match it will update the CI's  CTI values and Product/Manufacturer Name with the data in Product Catalog which will be same as the Aliases defined


            For detailed information refer to below link


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              To clarify what we are trying to accomplish: We have customers who may know a CI by a different name than what we may know it by.  Examples: (1) CK4 is what some customers call Cyberlife and (2) Mail is what some customers call Genesys.  To accommodate Incident ticket relationships to a CI name the customer knows we would like to create a CI record for the Alias name the customer recognizes and relate it to our name.  Applying this idea to the example above we would create a CI record called CK4 and relate it to Cyberlife.  We would like the flexibility to apply this solution to all CIs in our environment

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                Carey Walker

                Hi Mitch


                The requirement you've outlined is a common one, but trying to create a dummy related CI for this purpose is not really practical if we look at what a CI is meant to be.


                The alias mechanism you have described is already available at the product catalog level in Remedy. With aliases defined there you can use that to drive your search for the right CIs at Incident creation time.


                In your example of CK4/Cyberlife, not sure if you have defined it as a service or an application or even a product, but that's not important for this example. Let's say it's an Application. IN your Product Catalog say it is defined as


                Software/Application/Third Party/Cyberlife/VendorName  i.e. Category Tier1/Tier2/Tier3/Product Name/Manufacturer


                Each CI you have representing an instance of this application should share these Product Categorizations.


                Now in the Product Catalog, you can define an alias of CK4 for the product name Cyberlife. With that alias defined, your users can now search for CIs that have the 'official' product name of Cyberlife, OR they can also search for CK4 as a product name and via the alias will still find any CIs that have the official Cyberlife product name. They pick the one they want to relate to the Incident and you are done.


                Does this make sense?? Have you already tried this approach?

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