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    Monitor information on inventory desn't have correct information

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      Hi Everybody,

      I have a FPAC 11.7  master server with no relays. 

      I have to discover which laptops here in the office has attached additional monitors and collect the information of these monitors to manage as additional CI in CMDB.


      So I was testing with some laptops which I know has attached a monitor. But the information displayed is not correct as image pasted below:


      This is a printscreen of my laptop wich has a monitor attached and FPAC agent installed. As you can see, the notebook's display is shown fine, but the additional monitor no. If I look in system properties of my OS (Windows 8.1) the manufacturer, sized, etc is displayed fine (it's a HP L1908w monitor). Also drivers are loaded correctly.


      Could you help me to troubleshoot this and give me any clue please?

      Thanks in advance