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    Upgrading BBCA 8.1 to 8.2

    R B
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      Hi Team,


      I am upgrading BBCA from version 8.1 to 8.2. on Lab Environment.


      I have taken Backup of 8.1 workspace directories & prepared Staging Transmitter of 8.2.


      After these two steps, Next step is to upgrade Master Transmitter.


      My question is that I am having CMS & Transmitter on one Tuner, And on this Tuner there is no Infrastructure Service Channel. So should I directly update Transmitter Service.




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          R B

          And If I subscribe Infrastructure Service channel with Tuner Administrator, then Tuner is not working. If I remove that channel then Tuner work's properly.


          I have attached logs.




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            Having the the CMS and Transmitter on the same tuner is not recommended in production; Lab environment should be ok unless you are going to try do stress testing.


            Before upgrading any channels you will first you will need to upgrade the tuner. If there is no Infra Service you will need to subscribe to one. Once the Infra Service is subscribed and finishes upgrading the tuner it will restart the tuner. I can see from the logs that the tuner was restarted:


            [27/Jan/2015:11:25:42 +0530] - info Administrator 1007 Kernel exited: 2

            [27/Jan/2015:11:25:45 +0530] - info Administrator 1000 Kernel started: -service

            [27/Jan/2015:11:25:45 +0530] - info Administrator 1850 Token provider: Marimba



            Please elaborate on what you mean by the tuner is not working after subscribing the Infra Service? Is the CMS not starting up? seems like a compatibility issue. Try using the Channel Manager channel and subscribing the Infra Service, you can then see what channels are failing to start

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              R B

              Thanks Gregory,


              I have installed CMS & Transmitter on single server.


              So when I subscribe InfraService, CMS Doesn't work .


              I have checked with the Channel version .


              I have tried Subscribing once again. But still CMS is not working.


              I have attached recent logs.

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                Ok first subscribe to the Channel Manager channel. it will give you an interface to work with. something like the attached..




                You have to use this as you have CMS and the Tx on the same tuner.

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                  R B

                  I have tried subscribing InfraService channel with Channel Manager.But still CMS is not working.


                  I think InfraService Channel is corrupted. I will copy new InfraService channel with the help of ChannelCopier & lets see what happen's.




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                    Before you do that please send me the CMS channels history logs under ch.xx/data/logs, the Infra Service channel history logs and the tuner history logs

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                      R B

                      Hi Gregory,


                      Can we upgrade BBCA version 8.0 to 8.3, or we need to maintain sequence.

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                        From the 8.3 Release:


                        To upgrade to version 8.3.00, you can upgrade from the following tuner versions:



                          Schema upgrade is not directly supported from to 8.3.00. You must

                        first upgrade to 8200007, 8201003, or 8202002 and then upgrade to 8.3.00


                          If you are using a version older than, and if you want to upgrade to a

                        64-bit server profile, ensure to first upgrade Infrastucture Service to the latest

                        GA Hotfix for Infrastructure Service 8101009, and then upgrade to 8.3.00.



                 or later

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                          R B

                          Thank You Gregory