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    Debug blcli

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      I am trying to use blcli to script an exception on a component rule using (redacted to remove info, hope it still makes sense):


      deviceID=`blcli -v Default -r role Server getServerIdByName nameofserver

      templatekey=`blcli -v Default -r role Template getDBKeyByGroupAndName “pathtonameoftemplate"`

      componentKey=`blcli -v Default -r role Component getComponentKeyByTemplateKeyAndServerId $templatekey $deviceID 0`

      blcli -v Default -r role ComponentException createComponentExceptionWithOneRule $componentKey "nameofINC" "ruleofINC" role user@bbsa.com user@bbsa.com "pathtonameoftemplate" “nameofrule"


      I am getting error "user not found" and verified the paths and user name. Thanks in advance!