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    Post upgrade of ITSM from 8.1 to 8.1 SP 2 patch 001 there are some overlays customer did not create. (in-place upgrade)

    Anu Singh
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      Hello All,


      Could you please help me about this particular case.


      Customer's queries are:



      Sometimes BMC creates their own overlays of forms or other objects for that release?


      Should we be concerned if the SP 2 upgrade created some overlays on our system that were not there before



      Customer's scenario:



      It appears the new overlays are on join forms that include overlaid fields. The join forms were not overlaid until the upgrade so perhaps the installer was smart to do this since the join forms in question include overlaid fields from the parent forms. I'm not worried if you are not.



      I did have one question I wanted to check on.

      We have upgraded our DEV server and USER TESTING servers to 8.1 SP 2 patch 001.


      This form is overlaid and exists only on the DEV server:  HPD:Help Desk_SLA  , It does not exist at all on the USER TESTING SERVER, or the PRODUCTION server which has yet to be upgraded.


      This form is overlaid and exists on the USER TESTING SERVER: SRM:Request_SLA . It exists as unmodified on the PRODUCTION server which we have not yet upgraded. It does not exist at all on the DEV server.


      Is this any conce? We haven't really used SLA much yet(maybe not at all). I was just curious why one Form would be on the DEV server and a different one on the USER TESTING and PRODUCTION servers?



      My Inputs:



      Not really, however we create overlays for Asset forms during ITSM upgrade if Asset attributes are modified.


      Also I believe we should run a difference report? To compare exactly what overlays are being created itself.


      We can run the difference report against a production server (where no modification are being done)


      We can run health check utility so see if any exceptions\warnings\errors are out there.




      Need assistance in this situation to answer customer's query.