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    Approval Configuration in SRM

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      My company is at the moment using a system, that allows the
      user to do the following when it comes to approval.


      1. It allows user to when they create an order, to
        select who is to approve the order, this the users can do by changing the cost centre
        and then select the appropriated approver(very offend used for project
        employees who has a manager, but they need to order something on behalf of the
        project which has some other approvers)
      2. If an approver does not approve within a time
        frame the approval is send up to next manager, I think this could be using the
        manager chain but I am not sure if it is configured ?
      3. Allowing approvers to delegate there approval,
        if on vacation, sick etc.


      I hope that someone can help me with this, so I can convince
      my company to go with the SRM module instead of the old system used at this
      moment J

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          Carl Wilson


          this is possible but would require a custom Approval process (for the selection of the Approver) and an Approval Chain.  You could also select based on the answer to a question e.g. Cost Centre and auto generate the approver so the end user does not have to pick.


          Notifications can be used (along with Alternate Approvers) to remind of time frames.  Manager Approval does not automatically send up to the next Approver, this requires an approval to achieve and multiple levels enabled in the Manager process.


          Alternate Approvers can be used to delegate the Approval when a person is unavailable e.g. On Holiday, Sick, etc.


          So all in all your requirements are achievable OOB with configuration, this can be further extended using Process Designer if you wanted to go down this road.