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    ARERR 9201 - Session is invalid or has timed out

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      We have recently run into a TON of ARERR 9201 errors in our load balanced environment. We were using  MT 7.6.04 SP4 but just upgraded to MT 8.1.01 SP1 hoping it would resolve these issues. Unfortunately, these errors have not gone away. We have a sticky session enabled for the mid tier, load balancing in all environments with no session timeout.


      Here are our server setting for the 2 Mid Tiers:


      Definition Change Check Interval (Seconds) = 3600

      Session Timeout (Minutes) = 90

      License Release Timeout (Seconds) = 60


      Connection Pool Settings:

      Connection Timeout (Minutes) = 0



      Process Timeout (seconds) = 5

      Floating License Timeout (hours) = 2

      Currency Ratio Cache Refresh Interval (Minutes) / Client Refresh Interval = 60


      External authentication server timeout (seconds) / RPC = 40




      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.