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        Thanks for the pointers in the video. Maybe I've been doing something wrong, but I've never been able to get SRD to raise an incident with Prod Cat values automatically populated. So in order to route tickets to the correct support group, I've been using the Op Cat values as I can set them all to the same value for every business service, i.e. Cat 1: Service Request Portal, Cat 2: Incident, Cat 3: Business Service Name.


        However having to set up both Prod Cat and Op Cats for each and every Business Service is a small admin overhead when used in conjunction with Application Assignment, hence why I wanted to do it with the Prod Cat's.


        So using the additional functionality available under the Actions tab it is now simple to automatically capture Category, Type, Item and Model values and pass these back to the Incident, which in turn is then automatically routed to the correct support group.


        Happy to post up screen shots of the config if anyone is interested.






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          Laurent Matheo

          I think we had this problem in 7.6.04, but for the routing, it was coming before the values were set in the incident, or something like this.


          Hope the video helped

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            Lisa Singh

            I'd be interested in seeing the screen shots Michael Burton - I'm going to have to do this in the near future when I start doing assignment routing based on prod cats rather than just location.

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              Lisa Singh

              Very useful, thank you.


              One question though - if, in the AOT, you'd used Product Cats and Product Name instead of Just Categorization 1 etc, would you have avoided needing to create identical Ops Cats?

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                To use the prod cat's instead of the op cat's you need to make them available to the AOT. I had to create entries for the following on the Application Target Data and SYS:Form  Field Selection forms:


                Product Categorization Tier 2 (15200)

                Product Categorization Tier 3 (15300)

                Product Name (15400)


                The number in brackets is the selection code value I gave them.






                Once I'd done the above, I created the AOT using these fields and I raised an incident first time, with the ticket routing to the correct support group based on the prod cat values.


                If you need more info, please let me know.






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                  Sorry to follow up on my own post - I've done some more work on this today. The issue I now have is that when you present the ServiceCI to the customer, which is driven from the AST:BusinessService form, all the permissions have gone out the window, and the test customer I've set up can see Service CI's for every customer and not just their own.


                  The problem is the same if I create a 'Global' AOT/PDT and SRD as well as customer specific versions of the same.


                  I've got a document from BMC which suggests creating a RO question and then populating it by creating an entry on the Actions tab, but it doesn't seem to work.


                  Any ideas?

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