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    Service Request for Employee Setup needs AD setup task info mapped to remaining tasks

    Randall Thomson
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      I have a new employee request definition setup and working that will propagate tasks to be completed in the desired order for setting a new employee up. As is common, the first task that must be completed is for the Domain Administrator to setup the person's account in AD so that other IT tasks dependent on this information for user account setup can proceed.


      The frustrating hole we have in this process is that the Remedyforce flow doesn't seem to give an option where this crucial setup info the domain administrator has created can be passed off.  Once the domain account is setup we'd like to simply have any field in the task for the domain administrator be able to update the description field or other field in the subsequent tasks with the new users account info.  Thus, other IT agents won't need to go hunting down the users domain account information as it will be right there in the task they get.  It seems like a simple feature to have when tasks trees are created that information be passed along in this manner.


      Any solutions for meeting this need would be welcome.