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    Patch language with code null not found

    Lokanadhan Karthik

      I am trying to run analysis on a server but it ends up with error Patch language with code null not found.


      All the services (Remote registry, server, workstation) are running, C$ is shared.


      Found below error in trace.txt


      2014-10-18T13:42:01.8916509Z 19f8 V Machine.cpp:111 NSGI (1) Name ****

      2014-10-18T13:42:01.8916509Z 19f8 V Machine.cpp:121 NSGI (1.1) Name Used - ****

      2014-10-18T13:42:07.3602609Z 19f8 V Machine.cpp:148 GetMachineData (Srv - 1) - error is: 53.

      2014-10-18T13:42:07.3602609Z 19f8 V MachineSelector.cpp:411 MS_UNABLE_TO_GET_SYSTEM_DATA

      2014-10-18T13:42:07.3602609Z 19f8 I ScanWorkItem.cpp:449 All is not well MACQDOCUMENTATI()

      2014-10-18T13:42:07.3758855Z 1a58 V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:903 Unknown error in setting run complete event, ignoring and exiting run thread



      In MSDN error code 53 means:



      53 (0x35)

      The network path was not found.

      Please suggest.