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    Concurrency in AO

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      Hi all,


      The question is simple: how to manage concurrency in AO?


      Let me explain better.


      I have these 2 flows (in the future they could be more) and they're coming at the same moment to AO.

      So AO starts 2 different instances together, each one generating the same value (I need different values).


      I would like to insert a delay at the beginning. But if I insert it, I will have 2 idle instances for the same time and then they will awake together.

      Btw IMHO it's not acceptable to create a condition based on time because it's, let me say, amazing to violate one of the principles of computer science!

      In case I’m crazy :-) I also can't introduce a random time sleep at the beginning of the AO WF because the primitive palette "Wait" only accepts a number as input so I cannot generate a number via context item to be passed to it...


      So the problem is: how to manage concurrency on AO?


      Help me pls



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