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    BPPM and truesight

      Is BPPM and truesight the same?

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          Hello Mitheun,


          The quick answer is no.  Truesight was the legacy name of EUEM before the company Coradiant was bought by BMC.  Truesight 4 years ago is now known as EUEM (End User Experience Management)


          This product monitors HTTP/HTTPS traffic for performance and availability.


          To confuse things a little, EUEM now falls under a name of "TrueSight Operations Management" and is called :BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager



          BPPM stands for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.

          The BPPM solution combines event management, service impact management, and performance management for physical, virtual, public and private clouds.




          I hope this helps!



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            Melody Locke

            Let me add a snippet more information to Chris' answer.


            Yesterday, we released two similar products:

            BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite 9.6 and BMC TrueSight Operations Management 9.6. Although they are very similar, the TrueSight offering provides new features and functionality that are not available in the BPPM product. I can't speak intelligently about the licensing, but the licenses are different. I provided links to the license entitlement information for both products so that you can peruse the differences. As time goes by, the differences between the two products will become more dramatic.



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              Bert Long

              Melody (or others),



              Where can we see the differences in these technical offerings?  Please advise if this is just a bundling / pricing variations and not major deviations in the technologies.



              Also looking for some clear / insightful reference information about what TrueSight is and is not (and comparison to BPPM).  I have heard folks using it as what might be a product name and others using it as if it might be a suite.  We all want to be utilizing the correct terms, but right now, this is very confusing.


              I tried to compare from a documentation perspective bu the TrueSight Operations Manager documentation site looks very sparse.

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                Hal DeVore

                TrueSight is now a brand name for a whole set of BMC products.


                To a certain extent, TrueSight Operations Manager is a new name for BPPM but it never is quite that simple.  There are some other products under the TrueSight brand name.


                Kind of like Coke, New Coke, Diet Coke, Diet Coke caffeine free, etc.  The brand name alone is ambiguous.  You have to qualify it with something.


                As Chris said above, TrueSight was once the name of a specific product from a company named Coradiant that BMC acquired.  Don't confuse the old TrueSight product with the new TrueSight brand.



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                  Bert Long

                  Thanks Hal,


                  It will still be confusing since folks will use them interchangeably (product / brand), which was actually an issue we experienced with "BPPM". 


                  Thank again for the clarification.



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                    Hal DeVore

                    Confusing: yes, couldn't agree more.  TrueSight as a name of multiple things has the potential to be even more confusing than BPPM.



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                      Thomas Scaccabarozzi

                      Hi Hal, can you confirm that BPPM 9.6 is the last version of BPPM? After that version there will be only TrueSight Operations Manager (10.0 and 10.1), is it correct?



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                        Hal DeVore

                        While that is my understanding I no longer work for BMC so I'm not an authoritative source.


                        April Hickel would be a good person to answer this.



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                          Thad White

                          Hal is correct.  The last release under the BPPM name was version 9.6.  Going forward we have released TrueSight Operations Management 10.0 and 10.1 both of which contain the TSIM (TrueSight Infastructure Management component formerly known as BPPM) component that is now at version 10.0. 

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                            Patrick Campbell

                            Hi Thomas, Just to add a little more to your inquiry, here's a run down of the capabilities that you will gain by migrating to TrueSight Operations Management:


                            BPPM vs TSOM.jpg

                            Let us know any questions you have and hope that helps you see how we're progressing.