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    Installation Fails for Hadoop Package using bladelogic

    Nitin Murkute

      Hi Friend,


      I am deploying Hadoop packages using bladelogic.

      For this, we have two different packages and two different Deploy Jobs. One is for Hadoop Master & second for Hadoop Slave.

      Hadoop Master is installing successfully but hadoop Slave is fails to install giving error as "Exit Code-4001" [stderr: 1]            ./bldeploycmd.1.bat: line 2: /root/bea/weblogic700/uninstall/uninstall.sh: No such file or directory.


      Attaching bldeloy.log file.

      BSA is

      Target: RHEL6

      Fail Package: RHEL_64_Hadoop_Slave

      Your help is appreciated.


      Thank in Advance,