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    AR Server 7.6.04 Not Starting after Copying Database

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      We have a copy of our Production Database that we need to point our Dev environment to.  SQL 2012 and AR Server 7.6.04 SP2.


      I have updated the connection details in .cfg file and when I start the AR Server it seems to connect (partially) Services show starting, but it gets to a point and seems to hang.  When I check the ar error log , I get the following message. Which I would expect.


      Mon Sep 08 10:05:50 2014 : Action Request System(R) Server x64 Version 7.6.04 SP4 201209051922

      (c) Copyright 1991-2011 BMC Software, Inc.

      Mon Sep 08 10:05:50 2014  390600 : This COPY of the Action Request System(R) does not have authorization key set, but is ready for use or evaluation.

      For unlimited capabilities, contact your sales representative. (ARNOTE 27)


      Nothing else is written to the file and I can see the Database connection has been made at the SQL side of things.  Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this or how to further troubleshoot.  I have attached the arsql and apisql logs.