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    Atrium Integrator job does not work when running from load balancer

    Jeremy Drury
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      Good afternoon all,

      I am having an issue with a custom job I have created in Spoon.

      The job works fine in spoon. It also works great in AI console when connecting to any one of the 5 different servers in our server group, but when trying to run the job connecting to our load balancer, I am getting this error:

      BMCATRIUM_NGIE000104: Failed to start NGIE job


      I have attached the complete error I am getting in the AI Console.


      I have also went through numerous threads and BMC knowledge base articles. A few things I have ensured that are correct:

      • UDM:Config has all entries for each servers and load balancers.
      • armonitor.conf port number with keyword "carte" matches the UDM:Config port number.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      Thank you,

      Jeremy Drury