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    How to create a Change Ticket from a Template through BAO

      Hello everybody,

      I am trying to create a Change Request for BMC Remedy ARS 7.5 through BMC Atrium Orchestrator.


      I am able to generate Change Requests through the Remedy GUI, but, when I am trying to do it through BMC Atrium Orchestrator (Dev Studio) I am not able to.


      I am using the BMC process: :AMP-AD-BMC-Remedy-ARS:v7.5:Insert Entry

      Schema: CHG:ChangeInterface_Create

      XML Request:


      <field name="TemplateID">IDBC305B347ECFiPvfUQRJWVzwjcD6</field>

      <field name="Company">CANT DISCLOSE</field>

      <field name="Region">CANT DISCLOSE</field>

      <field name="Site Group">CANT DISCLOSE</field>

      <field name="Site">CANT DISCLOSE</field>



      Note: Per my company policy I can't disclose names, however I am sure I am using correct values as I am copying them from the Remedy GUI.


      I was reading other posts that by doing the steps above I would be able to create new change tickets (using a valid and existing TemplateID) which I am not, the error I receive is:


      <error>Error occured performing remedy action: Message[summary=Exception occured in Adapter '${1}'., detail=Remedy exception: '[Type=2][Num=1441211][Text=][AppendedText=The infrastructure change location information is invalid. Use the menus on the Region, Site Group, and Site fields or the type ahead return function on the Site field to select this information.]']</error>


      Can anyone share their XML Request to create a new change ticket that worked successfully?

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